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Whiz Kids offers one-to-one tutoring, positive mentoring relationships and spiritual nurture to students below the literacy and poverty lines with the Spirit of Christ.



Started in 1991 through the collaborative efforts of church, community, schools and business leaders in Denver to bring resources to neighborhoods to bridge the achievement gap.


Requirements: A willing heart, completed application, cleared background check and completed training (provided by Whiz Kids).


Who can tutor:
If you can love a child, read and pass a background check you can be a tutor. Parents and teens also make great tutoring teams! It is recommended that teens 13 – 15 tutor with a parent. Once they have a driver’s license they can tutor on their own. Please keep in mind, many of our sites are driving sites and require the tutor to pick up their student and take them home afterwards.


When: Once a week, Monday – Thursday. There are 37 sites that meet after school or in the evenings for 1.5 hours.

What happens at tutoring: At most sites, tutors will drive with a partner to pick up their students and bring them to the site (1-2 miles). One hour of tutoring focusing on reading, math and homework help, followed by a 30 minute Club Time.


Club Time: Half-hour community time where tutors and students come together for songs and to hear a short message about God's love for them. This time is led by the Club Leader.


Who: In addition to the tutors (10 – 20) each site has a Coordinator, Club Leader, Liaison Teacher and Field Director who oversee the site and help you as needed.


Each tutor must attend an Orientation and Training where they will receive their tutor manual and additional materials. There is also ongoing training provided throughout the year.



ONCE a week – October - April TWO hours (including driving if needed) 7 months (roughly 24 weeks)


Can’t commit to once a week? Sites may have subs to fill in when full-time tutors can’t attend. Another great option is to team tutor. Get a friend to volunteer with you and switch off every other week. Or consider being a substitute tutor to fill in as needed.


Whiz Kids is instrumental in providing extra literacy, math and homework help to hundreds of students. The one-to-one relationships formed between the student and a caring individual increases self-esteem and self-confidence. Students in Whiz Kids have seen consistent gains in reading improvement each year.



Our middle school program for youth grades 6-8 and Club Time is tailored to older students. Currently, there are 2 dedicated middle school sites.

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