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"I find it encouraging that hundreds of Denver citizens are involved in this faith-based effort to improve literacy rates...Whiz Kids has also been selected by my office to be part of the Youth Mentoring Collaborative, a partnership of 9 agencies whose aim is to improve the outcome of at risk homeless youth in Denver."
 - John Hickenlooper
Our mission is to help kids build confidence, skills and relationships that give them a future and a hope. We do this by providing one-to-one tutoring, positive mentoring relationships and spiritual nurture in the name and with the love of Jesus Christ.



Whiz Kids began in 1990 through the collaborative efforts of church, community, school and business leaders in Denver. Their desire was to bring resources into neighborhoods where there was a need to bridge the achievement gap. Whiz Kids began a city-wide outreach by partnering suburban and urban churches with urban schools. This partnership led to one-on-one tutoring with elementary-age children.

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